Restaurant Policies

How our Pizza is served 

We serve Certified Neapolitan Pizza by Association Verace Pizza Napoletana. Our Pizza comes in one size, about 11 inches round, and it comes UNCUT. Our pizza crust is thin and soft, and traditionally we use fork and knife to cut it, or we fold it. This is part of our culture and heritage, please do not ask the server, management or kitchen to cut your pizza, to leave the basil off, or make it crispy.

We do not do "build your own pizza". Please trust our pizza composition as the ingredients are balance delicately, so the pizza will cook properly and the flavors will be experienced as intended.

We are here to share the culture and the heritage of Neapolitan Pizza. Please take the same approach with all our menu items and enjoy the experience.

Children and Young Adults Etiquette

We have a small restaurant with tight working space, our staff are carrying trays full of glassware and hot plates, so please try to refrain children from running around the restaurant and the outdoors to avoid accidents.

When it is busy please accompany your small children to the bathrooms. 

Please do your best to keep your child from screaming. Please try to help if they are screaming.

Children CANNOT climb the wall outside on the patio, it is a serious safety hazard, please make sure you or your children do not touch the umbrellas and try not to adjust them in any way.


Meanwhile take same day reservations only over the phone. The best way to make a reservation on any other day is through our web site page "reservations". We appreciate party of 6 or more to make a reservation. For party bigger than 8, we need at least 48 hours by email notice and custom menu might need to be arranged ahead of time.

Payments and Gratuity

For Parties of 6 or more, Meanwhile may apply a gratuity of 20%, which will be included on the bill.

We issue one bill, max two payments would be accepted.

Take Out

Meanwhile does not offer any carry out options, although we are offering a minimum of 8 pizzas for pick up with a minimum of a 24 hours notice (set up via email with our confimetion, where Meanwhile is going to arrange a pick up time). Paid in Advance. One bill, 20% gratuity will be added.


Celiac and Gluten Free

Meanwhile cannot guarantee there is no gluten in our food.

Cake Cutting Fee

If you plan on bringing a cake for a celebration let us know in advance, a cutting fee will be applied to the bill. 25$ for every 6 people.

For Enquiries


We are always looking for talented people to join our team and work with us! So feel free to send us your Resume.